Project Manager

Emerald Talent Group

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Needing to hire recruiters

Trouble with resourcing and having time during the day to find these resources

They will be moving to 428 Westlake on 10/2

Need to get 420 people in to compliance

They need someone dedicated to the growth

Space planning



This gal is the executive assistant


Unique Skill Sets



Interview process



Project management

Space PM – work with them daily on regulations, emails and phone calls.  Work with head executives on move dates and make sure they are aware of timeline.  SWAG for logistics.  Creating a simplified process and instructions on the move will happen.  (lockers and phones and docking stations)

Global Consumers to move to new building

Support 4 different customer groups


The company that is handling the move is accommodating Amazon. 

Touch base with consumer, meeting policy and compliance.  Interact weekly

Work with City of Seattle on new real estate

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